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Freeing the Mind ~ Getting the Sensations

Freeing the Mind ~ Getting the Sensations

A Safe test drip
His whole family are alcoholics!
Never heard anything good said about that!
“Old people smoke Pot, don’t want mushrooms or LSD.
Ordered over the Internet! Username, Password…..”.
“They don’t have a clue: ‘Northern Lights’ It’s A B.C.
Powers given to the Drug Lord Just have to Open Up!
Liberation ~ Depression a depletion of happy Serotonin
MDA> Crashes through the Flood gates to Release it all!
Have To fly with that Trip ~ the way In & the way Out”
“I think” > I don’t need to Know Who < ‘I Am’
What Do I Think anyway ~ What do I believe, I know?
Supporting Thinking, in the Full Material Egoist West.
Free Mind ~ No more Attachments in the Spiritual East,
Observing. The way In & the way Out ~
Compassionate context ~ Opening 1000 Petalled Irises
Sun is Invisible Ecstasy for you, me,
Universally ~