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There's a Love orb above your head

There’s a Love orb above your head

6th Dimension Zone
Your body’s * permeated
with its Penetrating light *
Weight slips away as space
*between your molecules*
Expansion can seem endless * Ascension.
Normal Time ~ Space * does not apply to this plane.
Human consciousness Simply being * light Indivisible.
Individual quartz * Crystal * Concentrate.
Rising into Red Zone ~ Revitalising us.
Strength of Will * Orange spectrum.
Clarity and wisdom Yellow ** Emerald Green ~
opened his heart * to beat in Unison with all hearts.
Azur blue ray is inner core * sound of all sounds.
They resonate ~ with all creation in Oneness!
Mystical Indigo * revelation of all mysteries.
Infinities infused with * Radiance of Magenta.
Unifies With One * Pure brilliant White light
Its magnitude * pulse Exists outside Time ~