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 You Are what’s lookin’ at it!
Seeing I’m Not the Bottle, I’m here witnessing it!
If you can see it ~ realize You Are Not It.
You’re the consciousness ~ allowing the thing to happen.
“My God I am that Space ~ transcended the Identity
telling me I am in Pain or I am in Pleasure.
Now it’s all sensation in the Universe
Not calling Pain by any name by any illusion.
‘Mine’ separates you from the whole thing ~
My baby, my body, my life, myself, my active Mind.
It’s Not like that ~ Objects with all the attachments!
Getting all the Illusions from those thought concepts.
Burning up the Mind burns the Identity, the Ego, the Id.
It doesn’t matter, there’s no matter of the matter you see.
The Unmanifest is always permanent the Manifest temporary.
Mirroring a brain, neurons infinitely smaller than a grain of sand