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Feeling the Silence...Touching the Stillness

Feeling the Silence…Touching the Stillness

Yoga Is ‘No Ego’, in Practice our divine destiny ~
In this context it is hoped to Show the complete negative
value of Propaganda, the reasons why it is used so fully
and who it benefits and why. From the description of the
Human Spirit it shows that Propaganda in fact Isolates,
alienates us from our own Self realisation and from the
Consciousness that we are a part of this Cosmic energy;
which is alive in everything, in the Natural Union ‘Yoga’
~ of Life and reality. This Knowledge through Wisdom
helps us realise the True value of Life and the Untruth
of the Negative values described in ‘Propaganda’.
How are we to become connected to this Wise Sense of
‘Our Universal Omnipresent Self’ within the Globalised
perspectives of today? This is the future; with No fears.
Seen in meditation, poetry, Free Will, empathy, Creativity
mystical vision, deep wisdom and Love, not the Propaganda
of fascism & racism ‘Fundamentalism’ of corrupted Despots,
tyrannical Politicians, Greedy Business, Media, Advertising
Moguls, Militarists and the Terror arising by mad extremists!
This development of Ignorance & Selfish manipulation of our
‘Humanity’ is an Attack on All of our Spiritual Realisations ~
Moments of Reality which for all of us are Changing essence.
All One, always flowing on ~ Our Ego is Not In Control of it.
Surrender and Transcend the Mind to eternal Boundlessness.
Don’t get Attached but be Immersed with the Cosmic Stream ~
Timelessness, emptiness, silence with Source; Not Projections
by Ego’s light. Walk the Pathless, True Path until you become
blissful Ocean, Sat Chit Ananda, Nibbana, love, Life, infinity ~