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freedom is there to say No to tragic

freedom is there to say No to tragic

Yakshi in St.Theresa
Prana fruit* You see that you are forever
‘Heart the Key of the Lock to the Cosmos’
“Just fuckin between lines of coke”
“I just Observe” that girl from Ipanema with a Caprinha
A deal too good to be true, white coke whores from the hills!
“Why would you want to say No? Sweet honey ~
with peppermint eye drops, looking for the Perfect wife.
Got to give it all away to be fully tuned ~
You go in ~ No distractions, sweating in Alta Paraiso
with Ayuhuasca rhythms building up the Sacred Spirit
Allowance Oming through the 4th chakra crystallized.
Co*Creation in the heat of Vibrational synchronous city.
Good to satisfy the body and the Mind.
Relax go into the Unconditional love of a beating heart