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It's a Reflection of the Connection

It’s a Reflection of the Connection

“You Can Call Me Self *Centred!”
It’s like putting up the circus, putting up the Big Tent.
Here comes the rig, here comes the people, the energy ~
In a non constructive, burning up phase and do you crash?
Energy exchange, have a good one and why not?
“I wanted a brain scan but they wouldn’t give me one”.
Normally they’re telling you ~ so take it as it comes.
At least they don’t cut you open, I’m all for that.
Why traumatize the body so much? Try the Fun pool.
A really flowing current ~ you’re always movin’ on.
Try the voluptuous art of Penis honoring darling.
Would you fuckin’ believe it the Servers down!
“She’s the chick who can put it all together ~
4 Walkie Talkies in one hand; She’ll do it, I’ve seen it!”
“What’s your name then?” “Mr. Sunshine”