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Sublime Bhakt

Sublime Bhakt

What makes the Giant Sequoia trees grow so big?
Isis Bhakti Osiris Bhakti Aphrodite Bhakti
Eros Bhakti Orpheus Bhakti Venus Bhakti
Shakti Bhakti Shiva Bhakti Jesus Bhakti
‘Still waters run deep’
Who said, “Shouldn’t cry over spilt blood?”
Underneath the laughter you can find your tears.
Understanding of the eternal Mind; Is it possible?
We like dropping them but don’t like them dropped on us
7/7 9/11’s everyday in the Middle East! Have the people
lost their rights like in US? Terrorists left right & centre.
Bombs dropping around your head makes you dead
Blown to bits again; Not in Baghdad but Birkenhead ~
“You could go out in the Blackout without being mugged
Luft waffe blew up my mother’s house and Sweet shop!”