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All Twinkled Up

All Twinkled Up ‘What do All the People Say About this?

Art as a Way of Life
Theories of the Unconscious Mind ~ What do You like doing?
Looking at the Sun ~ Freeing the Automatic Sub Consciousness.
Developing Freedom of your Realised Imagination in the now.
‘Developing Freedom ~ of an Unpremeditated Matrix synergy.
It’s more important than the Form of Expression’; Try Intuition.
Let’s see what’s happenin’ at the ‘Imperial Porcelain Factory’
Taking courses in Geopolitics; ‘Everything is Made In China’.
Realism v Propaganda, setting their own Concrete Experiences.
What’s the Purpose in a multi dimensional, quantum changing,
uncensored Cosmos ~ effecting our Energy ~ ethereal quality?
Creative impulses ~ stream of conscious in a Zero Point Field.
Y/our Cosmic Chemical brain! ~ ‘The Revolutions of the Mind’.
‘Watch out children about’. “Watch out our fuckin’ landmines!!”