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Going with the Flow

Going with the Flow

 Water Snakes
Seeing yourself in all the reflections ~ in new now, cut-off.
No one knows ~ just accept all of it, in the things as we are.
Not in the Judgment ~ No Divisions; The Discernment, Gnosis.
‘The Knowledge, the receiving of the knowledge ~ the Knower’
Freedom in the discerning ~ you don’t have to choose this or that.
All choices are made with the Illusion of having a choice ~
“If you do not have a choice how can you choose?”
“If you don’t look right or left ~ you get run over by a cow!”
Who’s accepting everyone as Perfekt ~ in whatever you do.
Exchanging a high dimensional Eco level ~ frequency.
Making any judgment freely ~ “Isn’t that a demand?”
“No a wish for yourself ~ take it or leave it, it’s up to you
And Love Yourself!”