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Love and Happiness can't get better than that!

Love and Happiness can’t get better than that!

Wanting to feel your lips and kisses
Am I your muse? Loving your poems, love your passion, love
your arse, love your beans and mash, love to be in your mouth,
love to caress your purring pussy. Where’s your light shining?
Missed sharing a lemon cake with my super sexy Tantaliser.
I kiss your lips, I lick your soft wet Yoni full of lustful desire.
I caress your hard nipples pulsating hot, feverish joyfulness.
I cum deep into your thrusting hips, filling your senses with bliss.
You fill my melting body, mind & spirit with exquisite Happiness.
We are on a Cosmic journey sharing our mutual attractiveness.
You’re falling to bits, a break through! How does your heart feel?
I’m holding your hand in mine ~ my delicate inspiration.
Cumming all over you, on top, behind, under, inside you.