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All is Feeling

All is Feeling

  “Wake Up!”
“He’s on his 3rd renunciation of a renunciation, then renunciates again-
of everything! What’s it all about? Rule #1~ BE HAPPY ~ Space bliss
Religion needs to be dropped, by default won’t accept another Religion!
“The Pope made a good move ~Now fuck off before we lock you up!”
Admit it and redistribute all the wealth they’ve ripped off ever since!
“Nothing benefits the World as much as a man
who is beyond making a Profit” ~ Maharaj…
No more pretending about anything, got the Proof!
Feeling the sea spray ~ sounds of the wild geese.
Takes you on the trip ~Try the ‘do nothing’
just be it; feel the Space ~ He’s probably right.
Need enough of Potential to avoid suffering ~
A solar roof, vortex turbine, spring well water.
At the beginning of the Flowers of Life ~
Lining up all the right crystals.
You are ~ we are, Perfect