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Where your Attention goes that's where it's at

Where your Attention goes that’s where it’s at

‘Visualise’ A Mission
“I become the very thing I look at”
To see how you handle fears; Always pay Attention.
He’s doing whatever he wants, a free for all Outside a Madhouse.
‘Come to a Dead End’ You have to ask yourself
Ultimately it’s you who says ‘I know who I am’
Don’t give all your power to a doctor, or to duality.
This ‘disease’ is a sign for each of us, shows an answer, a way
We have to go to our cellular and believe in our Cosmic lights
Believing & embracing Divine energy through our body Mind.
Realise Intention tuning in not distracted by fearful distortion
Time to tell Mind to be ~ cool & Allow fulfilling Inspiration
Connecting our deepest self, being true, happy, pure radiance