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Tell God he needs to get off his arse!

Tell God he needs to get off his arse!

Jumping 110 floors in 10 seconds, what a choice in an Inferno!
Hey, to some they were on their way to Hell ~ committing a Sin
Unforgivable by God! ‘Actions of others caused them all to die’
Suicide not a fate of God these deaths were ruled as Homicide.
‘All 2753 Official Victims died from their blunt Impact Injuries!’
1000+ still have yet to be Identified from being Vapourised.
“The woman didn’t scream as she fell past me”
Photos of 104 jumpers maybe 200 +, must have felt like flying.
Falling 1350 feet out of a hole that an unexpected plane made!
Raining bodies ~ coming out of the sky like rockets!
After she hit the ground there was nothing left ~
‘Falling Man’ ~ no jumpers have ever been Officially Identified.
Did find fragments of bone, knew it was a loved one from DNA
Real Naked terror.