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Brahma's Dream of Shakti Being All In Oneness

Brahma’s Dream of Shakti Being All In Oneness

Surfin’ ~ seems good
Lemons are quite Awesome ~ A flippin’ Alkaline solution.
Yanking the Chain…Put the Key on a chain. I’m on a chain!
When it Crashed ~ Luckily had a backup of Lemongrass.
I saw an exhibition of pretentiousness taking him in wrong way.
Police cuts, they goin’ away > Back to Bandit country raving!
You’re goin down! It’s goin’ down of it’s own accord.
Don’t go in the FEAR ~ resonate in LOVE, in Grace.
Resonate on this gratitude, the essence.
If you put yourself there you become it.
Off his head, bowl loads of coke! Where do you put your Conscious?
Afghanistan shouldn’t have happened. No mother or father wants
to see their child horribly murdered over a piece of rare Earth!