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I'm the Observer of the Theatre of Consciousness

I’m the Observer of the Theatre of Consciousness

Unrequited Adoration ~ It’s Not, that’s your Want!
Transmigration is not like a balloon ~ floating from life to life.
Mindful ~ Mindless in a Theatre of Illusion, dreaming it all up.
“All Afraid of being Hooked on something ~ their ego caught
they don’t want to have Identification with anyone, anymore.
Running away from themselves they only want a laugh & be funky!
She can’t hold the Focus on something she’d need to go too deep,
she’d then have to Reflect ~ not getting herself all that Attention!
“She can’t hold it up ~ for sure it’s a Freedom” Outrageously!
Two sentences then she had to run away ~ It’s Banana bullshit.
You don’t even want to Identify with them…they’re addicted.
In a drug fuelled loving relationship, our K. hole Connection!
Blanking out ~ harder to keep in a commitment, a relationship.
Is any Quality there, to Live it, to experience it? You miss out
your possibility of going deeper ~ living in an MDMA love trap.
Don’t want to go in deep INTIMACY ~ Where do you want to go?
A stone is beautiful too ~ not only responding to the Superficial.
You are All what you give Yourself. Just wanting to be a Good
Human, is it being naïve, is she being too friendly as a hot chick?
Lighting Straw fires, big intense flames, burnt down very quickly!
Sucking up everything, Jump on; “She didn’t promise anything!”
‘Making friends now ~ as it is, not how You’d like it to be mate.’
Doesn’t mean that further down it wont be happy in Arambubble!
We’re not attached to it so there’s No reflection ~ Psyche seeds.
A good friend but not a Lover ~ Stop your conditioning racing ~
She’s having a Rebirth ~ burning everything with all the chains!
Phoenix rising from the flames, her streaming dynamic energies.
She’s resonating telekinesis with the place ~ Glowing, growing.
The flame kindled, don’t get trapped into thinking anything else!
Here to experience the joy, the joy of being Open, loving you ~
Under the Honey pot ~ tripped over, picked it up, Now Look!
“Get over yourself man!” ~ bringing it down to Earth.