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The Silent Revolution from Inside out

The Silent Revolution from Inside out

Cosmic Insanity
‘They’re rocking, they’re living it ~ I’m loving it’ Are you too?
Seeing your self ~ being in those deep reflections; Always true.
The next wave forever coming. Open your heart to fully receive.
Jamming together, my gorgeous muse showin’ up. She’s a Gift!
A purring sultry Love doll galloping through 8 diaphanous veils.
Power in the Collective ~ destroying the evil with Love.
Bang On! Dissolve, dissolve, dissolve, dissolves ’em.
Bring them to the good side ~ the Ultimate victory.
For this to work we have to forgive them as well.
We create it, it’s all dreamt in ~ it is all dreams.
Known that we’re dreaming. We used to know then fell asleep.
“We can all be Jesus” If we’ve the balls to step up to the plate.
It’s OK I’m here, night gonna get blasted by the brilliant light!
On the Universal plane aligning with the centre of the galaxy ~
2012 Instants to change our DNA; Climaxing of Consciousness.
Needing a Big distraction from the cycle of Quantum evolution.
So they blew up the Global financial system putting the People
into Debt & bankruptcy to the Cryptocratic, Plutocratic Banks.
From Theocratic Loyola to the Oligarchical Vatican city state.
1694 Parliament founded the Bank of England to guarantee loans
to the King ~ Masterplan an Industrial Revolution, Global Empire!