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multi dimensional Landscape of Love

multi dimensional Landscape of Love

Touching a Place to Dream
‘Abstract Expressions, archetypes of Primal desires, revealing
Inner worlds of human and Universal truths, breaking through
the barriers identifying the mind. Caressing intuition sensually.
Evocation ~ “I was obliged to make a translation in the dark”
Disconnected the Psyche and put it in a picture, on the stage.
Met a hollow Therapeute, sat wearing his poncho & sombrero.
Framed inside him were white clouds floating in a full blue sky.
Asked myself again is he taking Psychotropics to see this vision.
His Inspiration of the deep ‘Self’ was painting inner Landscapes,
Hallucinatory, Psychological, Surreal, Imaginary, dreamscapes.
Metaphors for Psychedelic Daydreams of sub consciousness ~
Opening the windows, sailing to Infinity on a full moon Ocean.
Time to hatch a nestling egg ~ You’ve got my blessing.
Open to the feeling ~ of Conception with Love beams.