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All those things I was thinking about I don't have to THINK about them anymore!

All those things I was thinking about I don’t have to THINK about them anymore!

‘They’re Precisely Real Enough Your Honour’
Another & Another ~ Connecting Reality, sister & brother.
How do you describe it to anyone? Have to Try it!
More and more Stars, outer galaxies and Inner seas ~
takes you to another dimension on infinite natural waves,
they flow through us we flow through them.
What a Gem! Can’t think about it linearly but cosmically,
need to surf ~ channeling, but Not on TV
In the Real Magic Ocean ~
Unlock the doorway with her key
To Neptune’s cave to Zeus’ Temple afar
To Olympus’ Mount to Hercules’ Pillars
To Diana’s forest and Venus’ brightest Star
To Socrates and Aristotle gazing at the New Moon
to Mars and Jupiter being in perfect spatial tune ~
Yin And Yang representing Chi of perennial Big Bang
Light and dark, night and day, Male and female sacredly
Inter and Outer dimensional flux between the naturally ~
Chlorophyll of vibrant grass to golden aura Angels’ dust
the long time view of an Old Oak Tree
realise the value, wisdom in Maturity
appreciated quality of the lovely elderberry
new light falling on these leaves
experience the truth of natural meanings
connecting to the roots not denying Dharma
even suffering pain and loss is illusion of the Storm
changing realities with arrival of omnipresent dawn
Life seems based on time chasing through your Mind
Karma progressing through the Celestial Constellations
Gifts of Magic Inspiration
& Insights of ecstatic elation ~
will purify your Universal Spirit ~
with divine Sensation