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Tantra Bhakti

Tantra Bhakti

Their Watchword
I like ‘Bhakti Shakti’ not Batty! Talkin’ the good shit.
It’s Yoga ~ Squirt the Honey, if you please!
I feel the bliss ~ when I’m warm with you but it’s ALL Bliss.
It’s fuckin’ simple, yet the Best kept secret!
Was sittin’ on the beach in that Goa vibe, got nothing left to do.
It’s hard to put a word to it, Mr. Observer, different lifestyle.
Realisation that you’re actually feeling it ~ cosmic air.
More Original, I like it ~ Can’t stop the resonance.
Without saying it’s this or this or this or this or that.
Live it, Breathin’ it becoming it ~ being it, all Prana.
Compassion, Unconditional Love ~ What a Great Life