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Free the Mind, Space ~ Live Energetic

Free the Mind, Space ~ Live Energetic

The Tibetan Sea
The Tantric Black Hats
Symbol of the darkness.
A beast from ‘Shangri La’
Vibration ~ More be in No Mind
Who said that kneeling beside Mt Kailash?
Free the Mind ~ for once and for all
Take a Pilgrimage to the Black & White stones.
The Invaders turned it into a ‘Concentration Camp’.
She gave me a Shakuhachi flute for some Inspiration ~
An abacus and the Manna Spot ~ Opening light chakra.
Cycle of clarity not Calamity just before I leave.
“I want to go somewhere where I can disappear”
Then listen to the Rice in Laos.
Invisible Chinese in the middle of the dynamic Jungle!
If only I could get back to solid ground
“What goes around comes around”
Stick it right in! A Sailor’s sweating dream!
That fits perfectly, in its motion, hard coition.
She was fully exploded by a Comet off Uranus.
A very Powerful night for Eros on the rampage
Sucking deep