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I'm at home ~ why not stop by for a kiss?

I’m at home ~ why not stop by for a kiss?

The Psychedelic School of Illumination
‘Unconventional’ Goa – He said, he crashed his Mind
Went beyond the gross, living in the spirit dimension!
I love the nature the sun the light the smiles, happy to be here.
I’m at home, what’s the choice; Do you want a sweet lassi?
Gazing into Stella’s Vortexes, (It is or it isn’t, Why?)
You have to learn how to Meditate Inside a Spinning Top
How to enter into the fields of Higher Consciousness
Higher frequencies, less Negative heavy densities
Full respect to Enter ~ the door that is an illusion.
Managing of Brain Chemistry consideration of ‘I Am Mystery’
‘Access Denied’ “This Is Not A Dream but the Dreamtime”
You will know it when you Open it. Paradox ~ never Closes