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Love Space Frequencies

Love Space Frequencies

 The people waking up
It’s through Us Not the State! ‘VIVE LES PETITS LAPINS ~
“We’ve reached a point where we get our POWER BACK!”
“The small puzzle is coming together as a picture”
They put you in this BOX with the Intent to Control You ~ Your Life!
“Jesus is a Terrorist” to many so is the Dalai Lama; I AM Psychedelic
What cookie have you got in your brain, which microchip in your arm?
Motive, one Wo/Man’s Terrorist Is another Wo/Man’s Freedom Fighter.
All small steps, today stopped Cosmetic Tests on Rabbits in Europe.
*** See Yourself as a Multi ~ Dimensional Being ***
Taking their POWER and Not telling them what to do!
“I’m in the Mind like you”