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Psychedelic Picnic

Psychedelic Picnic

‘The Frontiersman’
Always at the limit ~ the frontier
Word symbol for Frontier of your mind.
Frontier ~ At your limit
Always on the Point of Discovery.
To live is to be ~ In Infinite Discovery
Consciousness of the new moment
And New Limit
The Frontier to the next moment
Moment of Discovery
The Universe is Infinite ~ Discovery.
Living on the Frontier
Time is your Immediate ~ Environment
Now is the moment ~ Your Instant Adaptation.
Adaptation can be made Your Lifetime.
Adaptation is your end of your Frontier.
Static, your environment Lives on You
You are your environment ~ Your World
Now, Again, Now ~ Adaptation ~
You lose the sense of the Frontier
The limit to limitless
Sense of Discovery, Timeless ~
You are existing in a fixed world
It builds within its sphere
Time Is Inside ~ You are inside
Inside Time.
Outside Time is Infinity
You are Infinity
On the Frontier of Discovery of you
Instantly Forever
Beauty in Heaven is
anything alive and
growing in Nepal.
I’m doing
whatever people like me do
around Kathmandu
just take 1kg. of good hash
and fly to Annapurna.
Take a trek to the meadows ~
of Rhododendrons
listen to her falling streams.