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She's Astronomical

She’s Astronomical

  ‘The Dalek Lama’
“There’s a difference in finding yourself on Acid or losing it!”
“That’s where the bastards are hanging out all these years!”
‘For Your Own Protection Do Not Wear A Crash Helmet
at the CASH Machine’ Thank You. Figure that one out.
False friends making you feel important as long as the Coke’s
coming in. If you got Coke in your pocket, It’s a Gram a fuck!
If you’re abusing it ~ side effects > Manic depression!
Keeping the Volcanoes in harmony, feeling insignificant.
Martians living in his white house! Need an Alien Complex.
‘Motivated by unconditional Love, being Free and Fearless’.
“If it makes your heart sing, whatever your conditioning says
Jump through a Portal > “I don’t see anything that’s Not God”
On the verge of our Collective Consciousness for the next aeons
we’ll be swimming & bathing in that lagoon ~ of ecstatic Bliss.
A Tipping point ~ water from one bowl spills over into the next.
Quarrel all you like the Love takes over ~ tweaking your wet lips
“Go beyond the programs” ~ India Untouched ~ ‘Doublespeaking’
What does the Venus Project say about FREE LOVE ENERGY?
I have met a Yellow Solar Star with a wife children & mortgage.
Sacred symbols in the language of Light ~ Synchronicity buds.
Red Earth opening up your DNA ~ Being in the Love frequency
Reading ‘The Theory and Practice of Oligarchcal Collectivism’
‘The Economic Drain Theory’ ~ “We Are Dead Mr. Goldstein”
“lots of doctors work in Babylon ~ they don’t all live in Babylon”
Only way to Rule is to Divide ~ Internet is bringing us together.
Building our Temples there ~ in our thoughts ~ how it all moves
from the opening in your heart ~ to a holographic Cosmic Ray.
‘Going up as high as possible by helping the lower ones get up ~’
Pandora flew out of her box forever ~ Pinnacles of creative essence