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You fell in Love with a Slave

You fell in Love with a Slave

Tattoo Projectionist
You fell into her eyes ~ Maya Kalisky coming (from Moscow)
Maybe she’s got an overactive pussy, gave her a Pill of light.
When you smell her you’ll get enflamed. “You are Enflamed!”
Representing Jupiter’s Magnificence, holding up the Front line.
“For the best of me #1 and for all the other #1’s too”.
Sometimes you don’t even know what’s the best for
You and you only see it when you’ve gone 3 corners.
You believe in what you wish to happen. Opening ~
“It’s a mad game out there ~ but who really cares?”
All of a sudden you’re there if you don’t get distracted.
What a beautiful iridescent blue on her sculptured back!
“They love to get you & you love to be got”
“Touching her perfect body with your Mind…”