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One is Formless

One is Formless

Positive Reply: You’ve got the potential and you know how
to operate in the best positions ~ synergetic magic * angelic
sexual lusciousness gyrating on my delirious, pounding cock.
Your tender love is fuelling the passion rocket. You are the full
temptation, Venus pleasure girl, driving desire out of its mind.
Only true Love is good enough for one such as You…a nymph
of bliss dedicating herself to bathing in the Ocean of sincerity,
where poets come to lick chocolate cream from your gorgeous,
fully equipped body that knows how to enjoy its gifts of pleasure
laid before you by Hieros Gamos of the delight. You are Ishtar’s
devotee performing subtle arts of consciousness, honouring her
own Goddess, my hard phallus dancing inside Dawn’s ecstasy.
I would like a private viewing of your heart, to feel its beating
spirit chanting a mantra to Eros’ kiss. You’ve earned another
delicious Sicilian Lemon cheesecake …for your work is superb,
transcribing the hieroglyphics of a clear blue sky. You’re offering
most sublime treasures ~ conjurering hot lascivious anticipations!
Happiness is growing with you in suprasensitivity, making angels
wonder at inspirational Lovebeams bursting deep in Love’s petals.
Your gentle seductiveness brought us delirious divine suckcesses.
Beyond Excess….your being is illuminated like a shooting Star as
you gaze down into my eyes. I taste your cosmic juicy fragrances.
I smell romance in you like summer wet dreams ~ licking sweat,
honey dripping down your smooth skin. We’ll enjoy magical trips
together hand in hand. High as butterflies swooning in your sweet
irresistible Heaven. Together on another trip, Love that’s what it is.
Burning life’s sacred fire within makes me hot, makes you moist!
Smoking hips “Your nipples are hard, erect, throbbing tingling!”
Cumming in her glistening milky way exploding like super Comets!
Beautiful people expressing their energy consciousness & desires.
See you in Heaven; Blissful moments ~ see it happens as It Is