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Sunny Rainbow Eyes

Sunny Rainbow Eyes

Creating a blog that reaches people all over the planet is no small feat. This past month the Sunny Jetsun site has been an experiment in timing. The posts have been scheduled for a different hour every day to see if more people view, like and share at a certain time here in India which means showing up on people’s timelines at a wide-range of hours around the globe. It seems like a nightly post (Indian time) works the best since night here is afternoon in Europe and early morning in the Americas. So for the next month we’ll be posting at 9 pm Indian time. If you have any ideas about timing and promotion for Sunny please let us know. Here are some cities around the world so you can check when new art and poems from Sunny Jetsun will be available each day:

LA:           07:30 am

New York: 10:30 am

London:      3:30 pm

Berlin:        4:30 pm

India:         9:00 pm

Tokyo:      12:30 am

Sydney       2:30 am