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In the spirit of freedom and sharing…you set the price…even Free.

All in One - Heaven and Earth - Paradise

All in One – Heaven and Earth – Paradise

Six Senses
Entheogenic molecules ~ intermingling in a prism of vibrations.
Bag of boiled eggs & bottle of poppers, switches on his Merkaba.
Depends on how much of my Allowance ~ Crusty, crunchy, tasty
Maggots, a new Addiction; “We are the Universal image of Itself”
Welcoming us ~ “The Gates are all Open, it’s just our realisation”
All in one means all the same, even the evilest guy in the World;
Needs more loving! “I bow down to kiss Gaia through compassion
and mercy & remember that I Am”….. Chips in the number plates!
You go into colour’s frequencies ~ letting go of concept of Your self.
‘Namaste, All in One, In Lak’ech, Inshallah, Amen; It’s done’.
“You were just a machine ~ No more soul frequency”
Be in the stillness of the Zero ~ in the Oneness.
‘Chapora girls sucking a Big chillum!’
“That’s all yu need, a lot more bliss”
She’s dancing ~ it’s her birthday.