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Because Life Is Magic

Because Life Is Magic (Cosmic Card)

“Sharing is Caring” is your chance to win a set of 65 Sunny Jetsun Cosmic Cards mailed to you wherever you are in the world. The rules are simple. Share Sunny Jetsun posts on your Facebook timeline. Whoever has the most timeline shares in the month of August 2014 wins a set of Cosmic Cards. The cards are postcard size printed in full color. They combine beautiful art and magical words by Sunny Jetsun.



Shiva*Shakti (Cosmic Card)

BONUS: If the winner shares all 31 posts for August you’ll get an extra set of Cards!

TIE: If there is a tie in the number of Shares…the winner will be decided by whoever also has the most “Likes” or “Comments.”

START: Visit the Sunny Jetsun Facebook page by clicking this line. Make sure you “Like” the page…and then “Like” and/or “Share” some of the old posts to make sure the daily posts in August show up on your timeline…or visit the page each day to share the new post.

NEW POSTS: Show up on Facebook everyday at 08:30 pm in India. You need to share them within Three Days of the posting. Here are some other time zones so you can catch them in your part of the world:

Super Shanti

Super Shanti (Cosmic Card)

12:30 am – Sydney

07:30 am – Los Angeles

10:30 am – New York

03:30 pm – London

04:30 pm – Berlin

06:30 pm – Moscow

08:00 pm – India

11:30 pm – Toyko

I think therefore I AM * I AM therefore I think

I think therefore I AM * I AM therefore I think (Cosmic Card)

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If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] or send a Private Message on Facebook.