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The Quintessence ~ Tuned into Sunshine receiving Divine

The Quintessence ~ Tuned into Sunshine receiving Divine


favourite things
Sound of light ~
all of the tropics
Wailing ~ Saxophone
through the Piazza at dawn
brushing gondoliers
Rose satin blouse,
jacket too big – talent ~
cows in the field, afternoon
playing War ~
reading music,
stroking the bell-tree
free falling ~
Saturday night
I slept 12 hours
Dreaming ~
a lake, together,
from across the World ~
The city was busy
Pink carnations, cheeks,
fair curls permed from a good electric guitar.
Rug on the Aquarius Cafe floor ~ rainbows.
I don’t know ~ nothing,
sound of a double base
Cowboy boots on a stool ~
Soaring eagle, mascara twinkle.
A well in an Arab souk
What are you doing?
Just listenin’ to good music ~
chopsticks, sunsets at the beach
A Zen ~ all day music.
Great jazz, acupuncturing,
Yves St. Laurent creativity ~
Table, shiny green plant,
blue, crisp spring ~ February.
Sun rays peeping through ~
Open faced ~ vibrations aglow,
gazing out of the cafe window
Real musicians, quintessence
Parachuting, paragliding,
Whales sailing south ~
All through the night ~ Blues,
TV. Classical FM.
The News, coffee, warm hearth feelings.
Alone on the bridge of a Mississippi steamer
rain sounds ~
guerrillas creeping,
in the jungle..
crack of fire
night time has just left ~
cat’s tail swished the air
greeting, chimes
Christmas tree glitters on the porch,
early morning breeze ~ still dark
crackling in the fireplace
Change the pattern.
Awake, awake, awake
curled up pussycat ~
Christmas Cards, postcards
from South India & California ~
Summertime in Yugoslavia by her,
a small burning log falls on the hearth
quiet room at dawn ~
cat asleep in soft armchair,
tall and gentle plant
by the window
coming of the morn ~ dark getting light,
framed photos hanging on the wall
waiting, not a sound
If you want
to do business,
in this system.
Killer whales
Still dark
two young women pass by ~
carrying umbrellas & briefcases.
Cold, bare trees, soaking grass
H. Kissinger, R. Reagan,
Chiefs of staff ~
Warfare Spending, Nuclear Strike.
Breast feeding
I spent the weekend with her.
Thank you very much
Come ~
let’s go out for a beer
Meditation ~ the grey dawn,
rocking chair empty, softly rocks
stretching it’s claws ~
‘s part of my life
Toi ~ light