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 Seeing through clouds
“This World seems to be run by unscrupulous criminal gangs!”
‘Fear’ the Idea that we are separate ~ ‘Dividing & Conquering’
Head adjusting your perceptions of reality ~ Can you see Infra-
Red spectrum, gamma rays, touch wifi feel Invisible O Zone bliss?
Got a letter from the Universe ~ What is your job on Earth?
Wanna keep em poor in Absolute slavery; Protecting your Property!
“I’ve got that many things in my life I’ve got no reason to be unhappy”
We must always speak the truth ~ That should be on billboards,
like night moving in the streets, the grass growing on the hill.
“Seeing the King & Queen naked, you get to see it’s all bollocks!”
‘Unite’~ Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Money & Greed.
Found a Peace Loving Emperor ~ living in an Asylum!
Ask Richard Dadd of ‘the fairy fellers master stroke’
Fruit trees giving you its fruit freely. “How good is that!”
‘Ignorance is Bliss’ ~ I’ll take the bliss,
you can have the Ignorance if you want