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 Searching Light
Wanting to convey Extreme feelings in her works of ART.
Which Programs do you want to unleash inside your Mind?
Do you understand the basic meaning of human Truth friend?
Or do you want to be an Ostrich with his head buried in the sand?
Reconnecting with reality, stars glistening in the desert night sky.
Mind body Spirit ~ using colours to paint expressions of Philosophy.
Using the right hemisphere of your brain to open the gates of Love.
It’s Creative Art not Politics, Economics, Psychology or Sociology!
Is your stream of consciousness flowing in the Ocean of humanity?
Have the freedom, the courage to enter into this deep ecstatic state.
Have the faith to stand up to the demons, in fields of radiant energy.
Where do you want to go in this crystalline Caravanserai of Life?
Surrendering ~ recovering, total Immersion in your heart.
“Shake it lose and let it fall”