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There is Life after death ~ Surrendering my heart to Divine bliss

There is Life after death ~ Surrendering my heart to Divine bliss

Ripe Bananas
‘It’s life after death, does the Mind Yield?
Don’t forget we’re Stardust
Forget about history; Mirroring myself ~ that’s all
It’s all Vibrational healing
Invoke the frequency to come in
Alchemic process in the Unmanifest
You don’t have to live it out
Your Mind will give ~ it to you
Typical of the Madness
Farcical Freedom Fries
Ignorant condescending with their foot in their mouth.
Only 4% of their people travel, out of a box, like it Best here!.
Tired of the bullshit, keeping the TV on all day in cynical UK.
Nothing else to do, lost the will to live ~
$500 billion in debt; What’s the Interest on that one darling?
Canada & Australia never signed the Kyoto Agreement either!
Coming back to Centre, balance in tune ~
Coming from the deepest part of the Ocean.
A valley full of Candles alight at night
Fairy enchanted space with sexy angels
Stop lookin’ for it ~ it’ll find you.
Sowing your own seeds
“Put my foot right in it”
Until you know it …Who is this Authority and Why?
Unconsciousness magnified by Crusaders with swords
Killing each other in the market square.
Should be recognising each other as Gods.
Because there’s only One thing ~
‘Unconditional Love (in the 4th Dimension of your heart) ~
Wisdom flowing
You are a little Planet in Space