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All your Earth dreams are over ~ Enlightenment there is no 'I'

All your Earth dreams are over ~ Enlightenment there is no ‘I’

Pure ~ Union ~ Unborn (of time)
Delusions, fucked-up, lustre, desire, greed, selfishness,
bullshit, Ignorance, denial, hate, resentment, hypocrisy,
Negativity, jealousy, misunderstanding, suffering, pride,
rejection, loss, disdain, irresponsibility; Pure philosophy.
‘Shrutti or Smrtti’ coming to me from heaven in dreams.
Amazing complete Identification with a given technique
A set of Rules, a path, list, a One & only meaning to Life
“To be or not to be?” Which says be, Celebratory free ~
Don’t be attached yet fully attached to that Cosmic concept
A Paradox. Letting it go to nowhere; A nervous breakdown
in rain clouds of the Highlands of some Consciousness.
The emotional breakdown in a Brain full of Poisonings.
Feeding it, Illusions of air, bread, water, body, a sunrise
a sunset, day, night, whole stories of being, drop the lot.
Identification is everything, all the time in your existence
Reflecting through your Mind ~ A wave of the Ocean.
Is there something Real in a illusion > of this experience?
Ultimately there is no illusion, it is all the boundlessness
Passing through all the gates inside outside of salvations
Yins Yanging, Nirvana, I Chinging, On a Pathless path ~
Mutants visiting the Mall, No Hope Square, Universal
St. Station, Temptation in Eden, Cranach’s Adam & Eve
The Power of Suggestion gone with Reverse Psychology
Enjoying the friendly fire, from your Commanding officer.
“rejected the horizon – tal Perspective, point of ref: Time
for a fluid single surface, modulated by colour, texture,
Free Time, as an abstract wave ~ of Free Association.
From Inside go through the bark. depth of a 3D shadow
Following his downfall, the Palace became related, unable to face
itself, hedonist, lavish entertainments, neurotic central.
“How can I Trust you again?” You never want to lose that!
It doesn’t come back ~ nerve in the centre of your heart