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Try to Envision if you can the World Will Live As One

Try to Envision if you can the World Will Live As One

‘Protest Is Patriotic Probing’
Oh by the way we been having a Secret Invasion of Cambodia!
Dropped uncountable tons of Dynamite on their melted heads.
Oh we did that in Laos too, in justifiable self defence of course!
By the way what did they ever do to you? In your Imagination!
Envision if you can, “The World Will Live As One”, I’m trying!
But there’s Political State Police on my street corner. Stopping,
searching; Paranoia rampant at the Top. Stand up & be Tough!
They’ll Attack any Radical/Activist/Peacenik/Nice human being.
The Inquisition is all around in DNA, ether, Legal Criminal acts!
Used by the Governors to STOP Dissent. There’s a long history.
Forces out there neutralizing all the opposition it can find, they
believe they’ve righteous moral Indignation, faith on their side.
Nothing like Conviction, let’s give it to the UNDERGROUND.
‘The only Solution to Pollution is conscious humane Revolution’
Deeply immoral wars ~ not surrendering to abuses of their Laws
Then what does the Statue of Liberty represent to you People?
Shine a light on Flower power, anti greed occupying Wall Street.
“Who Are Your Friends?”