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Free Power to the people

Free Power to the people

Don’t play the system’s game, caught up reacting with Violence.
Beaten in Chicago’s streets, putting flowers in Army rifle barrels!
“The Whole World Is Watching” “Say You Want A Revolution”
“Life Is too Sacred, Stop the War”“Put an End to War, atrocity”
“GIVE PEACE ANOTHER CHANCE”. What is your Priority?
Anthem of a New Anti War movement. What’s happening today?
“WE SHALL OVERCOME”~ that’s a good old Social tune too.
‘WAR IS OVER, If You Want it’ Who the fuck doesn’t want that?
Grab it by the balls, don’t let it slip through your fingers again!
It’s cheaper than anyone’s Life brother or another sister’s Pain.
“MAKE LOVE NOT WAR, let’s all live in Peace and Harmony”