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Love Republica

Love Republica

Potential Energies
“In Co operation with Physical laws to ‘Condition’
~ Natural formation of the embryo in the womb.
Just as in sleep life continued, death is no bar to the continuance of
the Operation of being which is only transformed to another
suitable realm or plane ~
The Life stream Process continues while the karmic forces it
generates gives it shape and form in an appropriate sphere of
existence ~ not just a seed and soil but other extraneous forces
e.g. light, moisture. In Man it’s the Karmic Terminating forces
/energy of the dying man (unseen) or the Reproductive Power of
the Will to Live. This will to Live Motivates all Activities ~ Purring
in a delightful Garden of Eden. Anything to Confess?
Conquistador killing the Inquisitor for his torturing of heretics
Why argue? Unafraid, being free of bondage tyranny & dying
“I trust you going out to the stars ~ time traveler in Love