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Free Spirit through the Purity

Free Spirit through the Purity

Playing the Pipes of Pan
“It is as it is, NOT as Your mind Imagined You wanted it to be”
So in other words, You can’t be bothered to do anything then?
Ego disappointed ~ let’s have some good Karma! Try Reiki!
You, Yes You can make people feel they are the most Amazing.
You’ve a natural ability to Inspire, shining your light on us all.
We’re feeling your Stardust at the Centre of a Great Attraction.
Some see it as phony others get its Super Magical Creativity ~
It’s up to them, what they’re capable of Allowing ~ receiving
of this precious gift you’re giving out for free ~ being Happy.
Connectivity ~ high dynamic energy, charismatic force, quality
of a real beauty, great communicator, coquette, a sexy little ass.
Wild child * free spirit