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Lotus Lake

Lotus Lake

 Perfect Pleasurette
‘Fondling a woman accustomed to stand in doorways
and to stare at passers by ~ A woman steeped in poverty’.
Delicious, lascivious, libidinous, stroking languor, lusciousness.
Belly to belly, mouth to mouth, the mutually adorable shocks.
He’ll always love you ~ feeling the intensity of her vulva’s heat.
Pounding the spot, activating the enjoyment of her maidenhead.
Enflaming her passions, quenching all of her voracious desires.
Seizing a crack in the wall devoid of flesh, raising up her knees.
Penetrating into some unusual places ~ 52 types of active Yoni!
Kamadeva’s unrestrained voluptuousness, ascending MY throne