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Do you want to believe their processes in your mind

Do you want to believe their processes in your mind

Patent Attachment
A Psycho culture vulture in a Military Uniform.
Inner Marriage ~ Protecting Your Copyright
Reading it into your sub conscious
No confusion or anxiety, let it be ~
What’s living in you? Misogynist?
My body and Mind is my Temple.
Worshipping Life force burning bright
Parvati dancing in energetic fields of light.
Perversity of Men’s archetype, no more abusing the Goddess
unless she’s a bitch!
Who or what do you want to believe?
His Holy Law controlling women to be subservient slaves;
Expecting a blowjob whenever I want or she’ll be flogged!
“What’s a wife gotta do with it? You know who I’m on about!
Where’s the veneration for the mother of your children ~
Where’s the love of your sister?
Why treat her as Unequal?
No wonder, no surprise, no accident, no doubt, no excuse.
No justification – Why your Society is so fucked up!
Who’s suffering, who told you to do that!?
Gave her a bloody good lashing.
Bowing down to Sodom.
Possessing the Devil
“Permission to Execute!”