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Trip to God

Trip to God


Padma’s Fragrances
My light soul received you as a tsunami of delicious Tantric Bliss.
I’ll see your Love reflecting in the skies ~ in your eyes above me.
Very soon I’ll be waiting in Euphoria as a lustful Satyr for the Passion
train to arrive bringing you into my arms, a sexy, gorgeous nymph
in her long socks & tutu covering a delirious, sweet arse to die for!
We’re flying in that direction ~ Playing in fountains of ecstasy,
brilliantly lighting up a space for you to come to me in intimacy.
I’m sending you Solar flares of Love through the grey sky to
stoke your heart, filling it with temptation & Fucking DESIRE.
I also know about being in a stagnant place
and going Crazy in this Matrix of Insanity.
I’m so happy that tomorrow we will be together
*Enlightened with the stars in our PERFECT harmony