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Love & Freedom Welcome

Love & Freedom Welcome

 Pachamama Dhamma
Original muse ~ creative partnering with a gorgeous arse.
Delicious Surrealist with bliss burning in your shining eyes.
This is the Cosmic Ocean ~ penetrating you in perfect pleasure.
Labia vibrating in the warm breeze of desire, exalted in paradise
This is heaven ~ loving you, being loved by you in deep passion.
Sultry, sublime, lascivious, languid, telepathic dreaming
of your damp Pink Universe, wet as a rainforest inside.
Poses her luscious femininity ~ sex on her sensual mind.
Lets have some raunchy primordial coition in flagrante.
Bye bye resemblance to beauty, different vision of reality.
Going beyond the limits ~ stripping her down to the core