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Mellow Space Out ~ Smoke some marijuana

Mellow Space Out ~ Smoke some marijuana

Original DNA?
Angry Mind, Selfish Mind, Jealous Mind, Possessive Mind,
Lustfully, enviously, greedily Violent Mind, States of the Mind.
Can be a Beautiful view in the Mind of a Conscious beholder
Loosening it up in time & space now ~
Experiment in Synchronicity give it Possibility
Of Reflection of multi dimensional Personality
“Pain is not a feeling, it’s a Resistance
Against the feeling coming through”
You can relax with it & go with the experience.
Here you are Shiva, have the lot, let it happen.
Paying away your sins if you believe you have them.
A Confessional Box where money was more than Love.
“I’m happy that you called but what’s on?”
Go for the feeling of what you are.
‘Natural seeds, cells worth more than Gold.
The body to hold if you want to hold the body’
‘Allowance to go ~ or Resistance with the Pain’
An ‘Unconventional’ truth aroused the Happy & mellow ~
Coming out of music, reflections dissolving in rivers of grace
Siddhartha the holy warrior of Compassion in the Middle
Of the heart, in the experience of the dhamma.
Frequency ~ Inorganic to organic transformation
Shocking vibrations appearing real in the brain!
Now I can feel as deep as I want as I’ve been there.
You want to feel free in the Rainbow ~ exactly
Out in Nature, not holding back, getting the code
how to touch people with our auras in tune ~
Use or misuse that Trust ~ Integrated Love load.
Not ‘abusive interrogation’ techniques, using psychologists
& failures of medical workers for their key role in sustaining
a prisoner’s abuse! Is this the Global future we are allowing?