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Our Goal just trying to keep sane through each day

Our Goal just trying to keep sane through each day

Orgiastic Centaurs
Our Intimacy ~ Primal sensations ~ Pagan nudity.
Rolling out a Jesuit Inquisition to keep them pure!
Dissolving her in the night…the question is……?
“How will we stay FREE?” ~ multi dimensions inside.
‘Projecting my hot desires, crawling into her Psyche’
Adorning her magical pool, sexual effervescence, magnificence,
sumptuously decorated ~ eye ravished, gorgeously fantastic.
A good job for a God or any divine being ~ Seizing us!
Materializing luminescent exotic songbirds in a vacuum
Lavish silver testicles discovered in an Orchid garden.
Satyrs playing Pan pipes inside a frenzied Nymphaeum.
The delights of imitating nature ~ on a summer’s eve.
Naked ~ or with my socks still on? Keeping Love not enslaved.
I like the variety ~ naked with socks and naked without socks.
I’ll try and keep sane in this seemingly crazy world, until then
letting our Love feelings keep this tantric nectar flowing free ~
and these happy sparks of bliss burning brightly in our hearts.