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She's Beautiful ~ Hangin' Out in Her Space

She’s Beautiful ~ Hangin’ Out in Her Space

Oracle Sponge
Chilling out with a nice Iguana ~ Mind means Confusion!
“Accepting the mistake, Identification with it; no let it flow ~
“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”
Rock & Roll will never die, I found the Perfect beach.
She’s beautiful, “I know you’re mental and too sensitive!”
India with garlands of marigolds put around Shiva’s neck.
Playing my Neil Young Albums under a sacred Pipal tree
Prana past, present, future all rolled into one masala curry.
I am because I reflect the light “everyone has everything”
A Moon exists for us because of light reflecting by the Sun.
Keep your tail down and you get no trouble.
“You don’t go out and come back alive!”
370 churches in Bahia, every street took their cut of treasure
turning into light beings as much as you go with the life ~
You go Vertically, it’s not a coke joke it’s a real deal.
“If you go to the beach you don’t want to take heroin”’
“Do you read my lips?” Twinkling labia, swaying hips.
“Keep Away If You’ve Only Got Shit In Your Life”
Devout Pilgrims don’t flutter on gleaming Adam’s Peak.
200 People falling on my head, falling on your head too ~
Carrying religious crippled granddads & devout grannies.
Pulling crying babies & terrified children up sheer cliffs
On rope ladders, full dangerous journey paying God respect!
“I got fucked up in Oxford once, It wasn’t very nice”
If you gotta get fucked up, Goa’s a good place to be fucked up
Out of my tree, have some more espresso in cool Sharewood.
Paying for a blessing from a Monk at a booth; Is that right?
No way to escape, rather go to a Carnival in Olinda Brazil.
Pop into the light Centre of the Earth * to Centre of the Sun.
Circles of light ~ Surrounded by trillions of sparkling stars.
No reason for following orders, Military Corporate Conquests
You, me it’s never enough, that was me building an Illusion….
Proof is in the proof ^ Free yourself