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I'm not gonna be with someone who doesn't make me happy!

I’m not gonna be with someone who doesn’t make me happy!

One Cosmic Jelly
‘In us the Awareness is the Formless ~ the attention to that
Formless in You. Lost in translation, Silence is the language ~
Everything is God ~ having Respect from Fear or just Respect?
Mass Psychosis, mass conditioning Id, mass media to Control.
Star Traveller, Star Travelling. Open to receive Universally.
Might not seem to make any sense but it makes people smile,
so there’s something real in that, sharing in the resonance.
Don’t make any comparisons it’s all good, makes me happy.
Put her in a magical sleep. You’re doin’ it when you’re doin’ it.
Staying Centred ~ in love with it all ~ effortless awareness.
“I gave him a Pill, I don’t normally carry the shop”
OK fine ~ “dosh out!” “A night in Devon a night in Heaven!”
“Met her as one of the surf girls and fell in head over heels”