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Magical Touch

Magical Touch

  “Nuts in a Hood!”
Thrown into the well of Zamzam, chanting Dark side of a Moon.
Mouth kissing an extraterrestrial rock star, Invading Crusaders.
Sound is a Vibration ~ bit of black concrete or a rosy Lingham?
A drug store on every corner ~ Dysfunctional, greedy Capitalism.
Who are the Predators, Creditors that own all this debt, how can
Goldman Sachs’ Bank getting away with this & whose bank is it?
Ask Standard Charter, HSBC. about Money Laundering for Mafias
Barclay’s illegally fixing interest rates, GlaxoSmithKline for selling
drug to children, knowing they’re useless; Profit promoting suicide.
Justice gives them a fine, for rich Corporate gangsters no jail time!