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Neptune's daughter down by the sea

Neptune’s daughter down by the sea

South of France
Is in ~ my dreams
of Penelope’s soeur
awaiting ~ seeing of a sail,
a dove from Ulysees’ frere.
Speeds ~ hearts ~ light
deeply in your breast.
South of France her bluest seas
colours of a favourite reve ~
anticipate your glorious rest.
Beneath her maquillage ~
streams thru the ochre brick
sweetest sounding charmes.
Take Your fill of me ~
Enjoy the tender Eros play.
Delightfull ~ kisses arouse
the change to a Pearl’s conceiving.
The Youth to court ~ bees take heart,
glorious, fecund, smelling fruit inside.
Your golden Chateau ~
Invites a pilgrim to discover
woods & dells & stroke the bells of faies.
Hindsight plays magic potions,
stirs the tongue ~ liquids heart
erupts. Notions ~ n’er to depart.
Celestial mount wings through
the heavens, bearing twinkles ~
passing thru the lips Instantaneously.
Aware ~ Sensations on the body
tell the tale
Sword through my Chest
You slice away my mind
on a silver platter Intercoursing
all the Subterranean
grottoes of Neptune ~
through a yonder Meadow
butterflies sway.
Full gallops mighty Pegasus ~
clears away the strata of gross
hallucinations ~ to Isles of primrose sands.
From where a great reef Crashes up
golden encrusted Seahorses flow by.
Visible ~ then the wave
that passes in the firelight,
the Lovers’ shelter