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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

 Navel Impetuosity
The mounting of an ass, congress of a cow, jumping Tigers!
Breasts exposed, rubbing, holding, clasping, pressing close.
Generating love, friendship, respect in the hearts of women,
shouting, screaming at that moment of Cosmic carnal orgasm!
Wild flowers hanging from her loose flowing hair in full disarray.
Her willingness to act the man’s part, sitting on top of his tongue,
breathing hard ~ signs of her wanting enjoyment and satisfaction.
Overpowered by Kisses, by licking ~ sucking deep, his erect penis.
Touching with his hands her thrusting body ~ pulling him into her.
Fingers delving in between her thighs, raising hips, bighting lips.
Unhurried sex while riding on the back of an elephant