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The Divine Gift of water ~ Once you're in ~ you're in

The Divine Gift of water ~ Once you’re in ~ you’re in

My name is Chi
I shall tell you an incredible story.
Reggae was in the stone I picked, full of layers…a grey layer cake,
granite that spoke of the life and death of butterflies and gorillas.
I picked some branches for the evening times fire;
Wondered a little about my dog chewing the bark,
his dalmation skin so fine ~ just like a digestif he seemed to mean.
So I brought it in and tracked off it all by taking chocolate
and somewhere something was happening.
I know that I need a lot of headlines.
Interesting before Bob Marley
“Oo ooh” so smoothly out of the concrete jungle ~
the rock awaits
as if expecting a parrot to take it out to a dance tonight.
Maybe, it certainly is great weather
This is about as real as I feel under the bedsheets of the books of wisdom.
Little cherubim statues and other assorted treats
to carry one into the wood of elves and the boudoirs of fairies.
Holding my hand I caress a kiss out of you like a moth fluttering free.
Oh so sweet again, and another will there be even more.
I look at the rock and hear Bob saying ~
“Yeah, it’s all fine while you can”
School children come out of a foreign sky
and are charming the blue birds with their reality.
Whew; You are someone’s finest daughter, Bravo
My belongings are continually preparing themselves for any eventuality.
They expect a flood and wonder
what it means when I tell them to be ready to meet a Volcano.
What should I wear ~ For such an occasion?
Something worthy of a Queen
or a Prophet; Le Voila.
Scrutinising the horizon and remembering
the time ~ when clouds swimming below the peaks
made me ~ believe that their unfurling was the real Ocean
but it did seem like no other Ocean I had ever seen
from 30,000 feet
The Japanese I feel sure see no difference,
they probably have a special blend of tea for such moments,
the same they offered to Bob when he brought a few
Caribbean delicacies to the gates of Shinto isles.
Knock, knock “Hari gato ~
Jah has sent me with this harvest of goodies to enjoy
with those ladies of cherry decorated hair”
Thank You Japan for arriving with the Sun ~ this morning.
The root continued to the house of elegance,
where cinnamon bread was baking ~
treasures to be laid in front of the wandering troupe of hearts.
Please stay and be comfortable even though I will be
in a land across four to five thousand valleys
seeing to all your needs.
Thank You, while you are there I will care for your doves.
In ten days I counted twenty cages and felt the desire
to gild them in gold and turquoise on Chinese lacquer.
A menagerie by which that fine tea is now ready to serve.
Thank you for these gracious gifts encountered this day
on the path through the province of light and cypress milk.
Later, the hour will come to visit the lady
who guards the food of the blue camels
A special tunic is needed for this end
and one must be able to add
enough golden sequins in a motif
which is predetermined in a dream.
She is a natural creature in this capacity
and her fortune is made immediately.
From a pearl casket I will take out the dew of a poet
and press in my palm the nature of words
given in an ancient and futuristic code for her eyes to behold
The day has crossed the sky and the hour is close to make this visit.
My Viking cloak and helmet are needed
as a sign of introduction to her quarters.
The journey is long through a subterranean tunnel ~
which is the same distance as the width of the throne’s back
I enter this land of seas of lime waves splashing
and so am perfumed for the entry to the lagoon of the blue creatures
and there she is to meet me. It took three bowls of the Hokkai tea
of concentration to take me through the polarity of the throne
and into your arms and breasts.
Now I am refreshed enough to gently remove your magic robes
and be led to the bed of lavendre.
In my satchel I have a gift of five Tibetan flamingo eggs for you.
A wild journey eased by the mission to emporter them
into your lips ~ personally.
This concentration saved my legion ~
whilst on the ridge of peacocks and penguins.
Those famous winds of heat and coldness have dis- integrated many.
I also bring news from the Bouquet Islands
where the richest still count their wealth
In Reggae codes which where left by
the Jah armada during days of Cancer crab
A beauti~full lady sailed the ‘Nuova Conceptione’ ~
during Saturn’s passing, harbouring amidst the blooms,
has instilled a new blood into the children there.
These people are happy and care for each other
as never seen in the Outer World before.
Her drummers send messages to the lands of the sacred fruit trees
and crimson oysters which
are very early understood
The three daughters of the Jade have taken gifts
of Magic cause to neighbouring seas ~
and the hemisphere is in equilibrium and peace.
She also sends this special grain for your camels
and hopes to see a visit from your cavalry of Taos
at the festival of Zoom.
“Thank you frangipani Chi, now tell me
have you dreamt of a 7 mosaic planet?
As I’ve heard there was a quake registered ~
in the water colours of our white plastic painters”
“No news is sure although I have had visions
of birds dancing and of fires of sapphire chanters”
The beginning of a message is
coming through this meeting
“The leaves of the Oasis of Tez n have produced
a Quality of Elix ir and we wish that you
frangipani Chi to go on a voyage of Discovery ~
~ into the Realms
of the Mosaics and trans~port a herbal healing
to the masters of the Sequences.
The painters have procured this from the oils
of the blue camels”
With in a micro vision of time a land was being established
and its points chartered from the temple of the Emerald shore.
Sound was creating the fuel to cross the Qualities of space.
Here was a land of Earth, Fire, Air, Water.
The environment was tropical ~ ethereal
and the culture of the new Toltecs
Diagrams existed and nuclear attraction and repulsion ~
had been Known to bring the sacred scarlet feathers to this place.
“Thank you for your gifts, they will provide a lovely part of a feast
which will honour you before your new Quest.
To return the way you came ~
with this spray of lavender from my hair
and this fruit from under the tongue of a pelican of rainbows
will give you the energy to enter through the nine gates
of the electric cream and sugary straws.
This unguent will be a gift to your heart,
so that you do not forget”
“Thank you fabulous lady I will prepare my self for this journey
and you will know I am ready when the baby camels turn to violets”
By the time it took to register the ‘Best of Bob Live’ ~
I had worked my self through the hall of lasers and been
equipped with a shield of Concentration and a magic potion
carried in the eyes of the dog of the camel Maitresse
Zip through the Zedra channels brought me to a plateau
created from the Sound of a Crystal bong.
I had begun again to discover discover discover ~
Flags flew high and I descended to be alone.
A sign said that warriors of the bamboo suit
had swam in the lake of the jewelled snake
and that to follow was too late ~
The Sound of their engines carried me
to the gates of the city
of mountains and caves.
Enough to begin; so I took my time
and lay it into a perfumed chamber of roses and wands.
To be un detected was the way ~
A moment passed and she took hold of my gloved hand.
“You are the one made of Pearl” she sang.
“I detected you from my dream of your spirit ~
into the scrolls of my father”
Enchanted the space ~
so I rode a green kite through her mouth.
Vibrations and winds by which we burn are Sounding
together for us to dance of moons.
She led me to a hot pool of tangerines
and we laid our hearts to sleep in each others ~
No voices could tell me what had occurred to have attained
this level of velvet twitterings
I left by taking a feather from her head of dreams
and resting it in the computer of Spirits;
it sang of the midnight fairy owl
A chord showed a cave high in the range
and for it I Would Need to bring one of her dream kisses ~
Time of the mist arrived and so I swam on it to the other shore
Time ~ light shades ~ songs and the magic dog called Wishing
took turns to meet the dawn before the climb to the hill of caves.
The Sound of Water took us in >< side
and a grotto of 5 million crystalline mirrors ~
switched our dimensions to the land of the host.
Parrots of Twi * light greeted us and there were
splashes of golden light
“Enchanter” the greeting McCaw call of old, bright red as no more.
We all drank the Ancient leaves over the 6 islands of SEns.
The tale was to be long of the coming of Un balance
which upturned the QQueen of DDesires H~self
“Sit and listen to the playing of the Hheart” we hear tell.
It happened Long ago in a place of Papaya rainbows.
The space was super sonic ~
and yet In Visible enough to show us
the only speed of passing clouds
in a brightly lit sea of stars.
Voices sang like Nata raga musical boxes
dancing in~side to an orchestra
of pastel balloon surfers
Songs the Sounds of lovely people, so sweet tasting
like mango coffee to our beaks.
McCaw sat as a sage ~
recounting these things from inside his mind
He told often of feelings that squeezed his body
in his natal place of siestas.
A picture from his past began to appear.
Back in his village, trepidation on his amigos’ faces.
“Running and shouting they were.
A black charge whistled like a bitterly cold wind
through each each child’s heart.
It was known that these soldiers could perpetrate
whatever they conceived of.
Screams of red filled the earth and later small waters
would run on their faces;
Fear fullness in their eyes swollen, writhing their naked bodies.
Then it felt so cold frangipani Chi that I wished only to be the hot rocks”
The pain would float by in the river like long dead animals.
Standing by a bare tree with one branch across,
the strawlike campaneros would fall down
and cry out together to the sky for “Mercy”
The ancient leaves had settled us into a mood for listening
to the history of McCaw
“That was the day I left the place of Sound and siesta”
He continued with his memory ~
“That was the day I witnessed a living monument to dying
so I left to know ~ Why?
The famous statues of Aviendas del Americas
became another place to sit and see bubbles of time pass,
as the Aztec acetate dragon swans
From those tall gargoyles and the stately Alameda
the world of people would reveal itself below ~
~ just as if I had been in the trees of my old village or in
the arroyos of rose with the dynamic silver tornado below.
Purple Sounds would climb like nomads ~
carrying spears from the desert and pouches of Pink Floyds.
Medleys drifted in the sky towards the peaks
like night queen incense
but it was a hot hallucination from a thirsty crowd.
Light ~ bright ~ rainbows
black and silver chants, reflected from my feathers
Time was teaching me passages as bouquets in the arms.
Boco boco ~ where the discoveries on me up there
& flying scarlet wings through the tiny streets.
Feelings came to stay as guests
to show me how close to approach
to those pastel aura storms of people
Which ones to trust, trusting the small vivid sparkles
coming out of those in embrace.
Shining as fire ~ inviting to touch,
the lovely gold vibration Eldorado”
“Si ~ my friend reggae was in the streets one fresh afternoon,
I fell into a pool of contentment you know what I mean
and lightly glided on the warm air licks of a wave, a good beat.
Like being by the primordial shore with the blue coming in strong ~
Then next I was in a net and my scarlet tripping faded into a mist
and a raw sense came alive that this was Capt Ivity
The scene changed as times do and 1 was suspended in a cage
from a twisted hook hanging in a doorway of a little zoo for creatures”
Another bowl was brought of the ancient leaves,
warming our selves as the moon came up.
McCaw smiled happily and brought forth the past.
“On the rue of S ~ky larks I spent my time
of reflection & recollection
as a leaf floating in a puddle of human volitions.
With no where to go from my caged branch
I watched and Listened”
“It became a more intense wave, inside the bowels
of monseigneur & signora who would perhaps pay
a little sum for a caged scarlet bouquet.
Just as a leaf in a hot teapot the vapours would rise
and call out in steam the names of my mother and father
and all the names of the ones I had sensed.
Inside the oyster of the Gran Mariachis’
music would wind past my view, my panorama
installed in this birdcage for free”
“I look at you and you look at me
and these other numerous cages
with my friends inside that hang like lanterns and swing
like Dharamsala prayer flags in the breeze.
There’s even those who spin ~ spin ~ spin
who make monseigneur & signora bellylaugh
their heads to their feet to shine their teeth and shoes
in the excrement of their own big asses.
Colours as Incan ribbon caravans pushed by
and I was trapped in the statue of the plastic cathedrale
being offered soap to drink
as if I had never known beyond these bars of tin”
“Reeling and spinning the feeling of being caught on a line
that will never let go and will never break because it was tested
to resist each effort that any Barracoutan heart could make.
In in into be scalped and left as scraps for sleuthing cats,
left as the crown of Quetzals to become a turd.
A turd of monseigneur & signora to admire in their cups.
A house full of cages, we are bequeathed to sustain
a belch of the one who put me in a net and sold me
to a banker of cages
to endow his patrons’ charity”
“Pink emissaries from the palace of toy soldiers
throw me sweets and I felt ok.
They would touch my beak and stroke my feathers
in a young kind way.
Colourfull as one thousand parrots at a royal sort of wedding
they rattle the heart of my jailers.
Mixing Latin beats and a carnival would happen ~
secretly inside.
Ah Beautiful Children like swallows at a siren’s pool,
an orchestra of garlands about them,
their pearl white milky eyes.
Their music to gasp and to sigh romantically.
Distance to a shimmering orchard of fruits.
Hallo ~ hola singing friend into me through the thin bars
suspending the space empty but for my shadow cast from a pole.
Looking at each iris as a secret sign of escape
When? When?
Invisibly inaudibly pressing, squeezing my birth.
Soft latin caress from your lips
to give me dreams of flight”
“To leave forever these cells of ‘Inhumaness’
and to be a bird pilgrim of peace~full simple sanctuaries.
Sanctuaries, Sounds of violins ~
Andean wood whistles, pipes of tomorrow
stretching lama webs to the ancients.
Behold the dust and not the river where I passed seasons
of braided silks full of light air tones of another tomorrow,
tomorrow today.
In here forever watching without peace a continuoustorture,
an INfinite prison made for creatures not human, not human
And even for their own they give a light continuously
to burn throughout
every part of their beings without a moments thought
of mercy, crying, screaming masters to holy allmighty
give a little mercy give rest por favor por favor”
“But then I have heard of those who do not cry but scream
freedom as those sons and daughters of Wounded knee,
who sang by the eagle and owl
reflecting in the prairie pools of sacred fortunes.
“We decided that our Indian people are more important to us
than long jail terms”
“We decided that our Indian people are more important to us
than long jail terms”
Sweet grasses of the thunder cloud I need your strength
by the clear crystal being a star inair.
I need your spear of brotherhood to
de materialize this spectacle of my Illusion
These killers of virgins have taken the eyes
from a million creatures of the Earth
and hung up here to dry and bake everything.
Oh release me from this force that shows me
the heart of steel toothed dragons”
“Synthesisers alive, cream on the cage,
Wizard’s panama hat and shoes of a haiku traveller;
the Christmas tree beside the window
and a face shines in on sunrays.
A green volcano sombrero style covers the top of the head,
the eyes in shadow but the mouth and teeth beam out the courage
that shouts Yes,Yes,Yes,
I hear the drums of Apache precious daughters say they
will take the bars and that I’ll fly on the sea of this face;
Compassionate from the cove of no return butterflies.
It will come ~
Release sweet lord of moons, my brothers and sisters
here will make the crown of broken locks and will
Un fold the sail of fallen feathers and lift the anchor
for me to alight on the tide tonight”
“Your Love was a symphony serenading me
with the joy you sent me as I left ~
A golden lantern lit the path from the door
I was trans fixed in your face for an instant, au revoir friend.
Full of Pet shop fears and hopes and now released
I wondered would I react with in visible ball and chain
fixed to my claws
Memory held times of golden dreams
and I was as nervous as a wasp.
Telepathy was still alive to carry away the stones
that blocked the mighty miracle.
Top of the pops was seeping through the cul de sac impression”
“Now my friend frangipani I was a terribly shy McCaw
who faced the empty wall as my bene ~ factor
Capt. Compassionate ate at a foreign inn.
It seemed like years that I had been suspended
in the valley of the infinite with only my little branch
as the pirate plank to walk.
Hanging on wildly spinning, spinning, spinning ~
a multitude of avalanches as the nuts on my birdcage floor.
What did my bird brain exchange for that experience,
what did it give upto become a friend
of Compassionate, cavalier of the oceans.
He having sailed by mercury fountains ~
spiralled deeps filled with Fearfull monsters of one’s Re.reflection.
Welcome to my ship he’d said and then gave me a precious gem,
dazzling emerald green as an Aztec sorcerer’s eyes.
Clipping it to my ear I lost my balance ~
once mastered to survive on the branch in my cage of Insanity”
“Si si my friend ~ your inquisitor has gone now
you need time on the Oceanic waves”
“Insanity you are there like a big cream cake
but I am on the shoulders of a warrior
alone not lonely ~
passing under twinkling stars of the Cosmos
This way then that with the sparkling carats in my ear
became the dancing partner to the wave of Jade seas
which was carrying me now ~
straight through the tears of moments.
This way and that forward on the bow of experience it self
A parrot of the seven PlanetaryOceans,
the fear of asking another was changing
as the Moon and I found many different
coloured feathers on the Shores.
The World is so large as large as your mind and so Full
as your heart that a very fine teapot is needed ~
for the rarest leaves.
Yes your farewell was a welcome to the treasure isle living force”
“Many memory streams of giant bears, jumping fishes
and headless bodies of peasants’ children.
Banquets of dictator ships and night mares with electric
pineapples and bananas to slip on out of multi stories.
Local fruits to skin your bones and leave for mother’s memory.
I see those kisses”
“I’ll never forgets yet never believes that were known
as were the Tulip Unicorns.
You raped the tender to make your compost and your men,
turnip warriors shit and pissed to turn Orchids into nails
for coffins of those you butchered, dis emboweled and ate
with your commanders and frijoles.
Millions were numbers you shit and sold the ~ Infinite
in the blinded eyes of those unicorns
left to bleed from holes for heads and ears and horns ~
~ arms and legs and feet and breasts and beauty spots
that were the joy of mothers and fathers throughout
all the tribes of cockleshells and petal hearts”
“Demons I saw invade my village and suck the crimson juice
to feed their disfigurated frenzies and leave the pathway full
of death and murdered tortur tortured bodies.
Salt on my signet claw wounded that once held the play full
natural embrace is plenty full on this sea of pre historic distance
appearing to be a lotion of forever on the greedy stenchy
perfume of cruelties’
powder burnt in a canon, stoking, firing people”
“We had been carried by the current inside
the reef of a fierce island ~
No lights could have prewarned us of the destruction to come.
The suffocation of a culture charged with incessant self ~ analysis
within the context of success and glory which was a dynamic
aimed at getting power ~ more and more.
To attract and command directly other beings.
A culture racing intrinsically, eating whoever suc cumbed
to the Power~full space of ‘Personality’
An island of gastronomique manandwoman eaters
whose scalps are on the hips in soaking ¼ pounders”
“Sitting in this mimosa 1 see from the million faces
in these empty coloured woven chairs which face the sea in waiting
that I lay this bunch of fresh picked flowers on your burning greed.
We had escapedto this place out of season
but still with friendly currents and ~ tides”
“From a new record on this Wurlitzer we felt so completely strangers.
Compassionate then told me of a siren who had made them Lovers.
She was a girl with the fine qualities of more
which shine with open HeartLight”
“Whilst she knew him she could do any thing and still had time
to train a silver whale ~ a gift for him.
She came alive at night like those lime green faies
living in the woods not far from glaciers.
Her yacht of reeds and tulip canvas she tied to his
and they swayed there as beauti~full long hair.
Lovers of this odyssey they became, stronger ~
together than the winds of pain
that blew so many down in the totem islands
Her ship cruised rivers for survivors so she could kiss their wet eyes
and save the droplets for the fragrant daughters of her tribe.
From treasures of the butterflies and angel fish
she gave these jewels to her Compassionate in the grotto of their promise
Happy days he found in her ~
Still they sailed the different seas
today and we found our course by her beauty
which followed him in each Starfilled sky”
“By this arrow in the night we escaped ~
fierce Psyche strangled nature’s confusing plight.
For these mimosa I thank you gentle angel
as in a dream I saw a man passing with no feet.
I saw and remembered him in my village although it seemed so long ago.
He just passed in front again”
“Crashing Night full of Celebesian rain
and in a mist our ship was gone ~
Captain went beneath a passing wave
today I’m still alive as I could fly.
How come I didn’t die so easily ~
It would have been so simple to have gone
and even more it seems I could have been
the one to make a baby pass away instead of me.
So easy in this sea to take you all away with me ~
the time to kill you came so close, sang Poseidon, yet to
still be here where a wave took away ~ all trace of you!
Easily danger came from by your side, it could have
been so easy to die in the ship wreck of a Typhoon.
It seems so long ago now, that it went by all.
So easy to take away your wings in a raging storm.
It passed and again I’m deserted on this shoreline
but for shards of wreckage
and a white Cockatoo”
McCaw bowed and moved ~ His eyes lit by those sights.
“You shall know more of Cockatoo if you feel desire to
open up the secrets of the generation of Mosaics turning.
Find me on the Crescent moon ~ frangipani”